About Us

Deeply rooted in European traditions, Greyellow has become one of the leading companies in LED lighting designing, solutions, and concepts. With specialization in LED lighting, designing, innovation, and service, we have become a highly recommended lighting solutions company with variety of elegant as well as technologically sophisticated LED light fixtures and designs.

Our impeccable design flexibility provides the freedom to create compelling spaces, taking light around corners or adding dimension with patterns, achieving an appealing and flexible architectural lighting solution.


Based out of Gurgaon, Greyellow was established in 2013, to offer competent and extraordinary lighting solutions suiting industrial, commercial as well as residential requirements in collaboration with top-notch European lighting consultants.

Greyellow may be new as a brand, but we come with over 20 years of technical experience in all lighting solutions and conceptions. With major expertise, in high-end LED lighting concepts and solutions, giving an alternate way to European suppliers, we have collaborated with architects and designers on an extensive range of projects across the country.