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LED Downlights are modern lighting fixtures meant for any kind of space. Downlights are great in creating focus over objects and provide a clean and minimalistic look.
At Greyellow, our LED Downlights can produce a high beam of light with energy-saving features. They are also super-efficient, with the ability to produce beams with more brightness than halogens.
Traditional lighting components can be measured by watts, but the wattage is always low for LED downlights due to their energy efficiency. This is why their brightness is measured by Lumens (Lm); the higher the Lumen, the brighter the LED Downlight.
LED Downlights have a lifespan of 50,000 hours, which is considerably more than halogens and incandescent lights.
Greyellow uses Aluminium Die Cast for its LED Downlights.
Recessed track lights are a popular alternative to track lights. They can be installed in areas where a sleek and streamlined appearance is required.
Recessed track lighting can be installed by cutting a hole in the wall and fastening the lamp and power box with a joist.
Recessed track lights are ideal for small spaces where you need a large coverage area with subtle illumination.
Greyellow has recessed track lights with a beam angle of 40°and wattage of 15W.
Recessed track lights are perfect when you need clean lines in your space. They are also versatile fixtures and can be installed in ceilings, cavity walls, floors, and even shop windows.
Based out of Gurgaon, Greyellow was established in 2013, to offer competent and extraordinary lighting solutions suiting industrial, commercial as well as residential requirements in collaboration with top-notch European lighting consultants.
Yes, our product series are BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) approved and licensed.
Our products are designed and engineered through our state-of-the-art factories in China under the direction of experts from Europe.
Our each product has a warranty of 2 years from the date of invoice.
Wall washer lights can be used to focus on art pieces on a wall or on wall hangings. They are meant for smooth, flat walls and are also great for hiding imperfections on the wall.
The wall washing fixture should be a minimum of 12 inches away from the wall to create a uniform and evenly distributed light on the wall.
The beam angle of wall washer lights is the angle at which the light beam opens. It defines the area that is to be lit, depending on the distance from the light source. The beam angle of our wall washer lights is 45°.
Wall washers from Greyellow can immensely accentuate architectural facades with uniform and aesthetic illumination of the important features of a wall. It creates a pleasing luminosity on portions of your wall and the whole exterior.
Wall washing lights are meant to flood a wall with smooth and evenly distributed light. Wall grazing lights are meant to highlight patterns on a wall, generally the brick or stone of the wall.
LED panel lights are a highly efficient alternative to traditional lighting fixtures meant for indoor illumination. They are used to illuminate an appliance and can be fixed on the ceiling in multiple ways.
Magnetic track lights are highly flexible and versatile lighting solutions that can be arranged in a number of ways. These lighting solutions are great for residential as well as commercial applications.
Magnetic track lights can be positioned in the track rail per the space’s specification. They can be installed without the use of tools owing to their magnetic fixation.
With Greyellow, you get stylishly designed, high-quality, energy-efficient lighting solutions for commercial and industrial spaces.
Greyellow has an extensive range of track lights, including flood lights, grille lights, magnetic chandeliers, and magnetic folding lights.
Greyellow uses aluminum and die casts for its magnetic track lights.
No installation is included in the shipment and delivery service, although we provide a detailed installation support to our partners depending on the demographic. We can also provide installation on a chargeable basis.
Greyellow LED lighting fixtures are compatible with any setting, creating an innovative and environment-friendly lighting environment suiting your requirement and preferences. Our top-notch partners such as architects and interior designers consult.
You can reach us by connecting us at https://greyellow.com/contact-us/.
There can be variations in colour temperature and light output between batches of LED chips. All our LED chips go through a sorting process called binning to ensure the strictest standards are met in consistency.
We have been working with number of architects, interior designers, and other major builder projects across the country. We have delivered 200+ projects in collaboration with associate partners. We love to create projects that lead to the fulfillment of the dream of end customers. We are just a click away to collaborate and start for a dream project together. Drop us an email at info@greyellow.com. Or, reach us at https://greyellow.com/contact-us/ and we will get back to you in the duration of one working day.
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